Cordyceps Sinensis

Cordyceps -sherpaCordyceps Sinensis opens up your bronchial passages. This results in more air into the lungs. Cordyceps Sinensis also stimulates pulmonary (lung tissue) vasodilation. Vasodilation is the widening of blood vessels resulting from relaxation of smooth muscle cells within the vessel walls. This allows your lung tissue to harvest oxygen more efficiently. Combine these two effects and you have increased oxygen intake and utilization.

The increased oxygen intake and utilization provided by Cordyceps Sinensis provides a huge increase in physical performance. If you are wondering why it is not included in all pre-workout supplements, we have a simple answer; it is not cheap. But it is worth it’s weight in 10k gold…literally.

ENDURANCE> Run a marathon a day – In 1993, Cordyceps Sinensis was made known to the world when two Chinese athletes beat three world records at the Chinese National Games’ track and field competition. During training, legendary coach Ma Junren had them running a marathon a day! These athletes were on a high dosage of Chinese herbs and food supplements which increased their stamina and endurance. One of the main ingredients was Cordyceps Sinensis.

RESPIRATORY ENHANCEMENT> Get the benefits of high-altitude training instantly – Tibetan Sherpa use Cordyceps Sinensis to enhance energy production and oxygen utilization before ascending Mt. Everest. Cordyceps Sinensis sells for a high price at their local market. They STILL take them…that’s how good they are.

SUPPORTING RESEARCH> Want more proof that Cordyceps Sinensis is the miracle ingredient that we claim it is? Read this exhaustive study written by John Holliday, Matt Cleaver, Mojca Tajnik, Joseph M. Cerecedes, and Solomon P. Wasser. This study sites 62 references including several clinical studies and can be found at here.

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