Speedloader™ with BODYHACKER Pre-workout v2.0 (Single Serving)

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BODYHACKER Speedloaders™ are re-usable mixers engineered to provide a portable concentrated single dose of BODYHACKER Pre-workout v2.0. Each Speedloader is shipped pre-loaded, with a single serving of BODYHACKER Pre-workout v2.0 inside.

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Order a 6-shooter (6 Speedloaders) and save 15%. Order a Full Clip (12 Speedloaders) and save another 15% (27.75% total)

Workout Prep

Prep for the day by adding a scoop of BODYHACKER Pre-workout to a Speedloader and tossing it in your gym bag. Twenty minutes before “go time”, add some water, tap it a few times and shoot it back.  You are speedloaded and ready for action.

Fuel Belts

Don’t give up a precious water bottle slot to your pre-workout supplement.  Speedloaders are engineered to fit in a Fuel Belt pouch.  They are easy to find, easy to open and easy to shoot.


Ruck it up new-school by adding a few Speedloaders to your rucksack.  Carry them pre-mixed and BODYHACKER Pre-workout is ready when you are.  Or carry them dry, add water and Speedload at a rest point.

The Utility Belt

Just like some kind of fitness Batman, carry several Speedloaders on your belt for quick access to a variety of powders, liquids or capsules.  Speedloaders are ideal for carrying small-dose liquids, like pickle juice, orange juice and coconut water.  Speedloaders keep capsules separate, dry and at the ready.  Use Speedloaders to help get you through whatever ridiculous thing you are taking on today.


  1. Add a scoop of BODYHACKER Pre-workout.
  2. Add water to just below the lid line.
  3. Snap the lid closed.
  4. Hold the Speedloader using your index finger to hold the lid and your index and middle fingers to hold the sides.
  5. Tap the Speedloader 4-5 times against your palm (or until all dry powder is off the bottom).
  6. Pop the top.
  7. Shoot it back (we call this step Speedloading).
  8. Rinse it out or just close the lid.  Even when dry, the residue is pretty easy to rinse out later.

Bulk Purchases

Order Speedloaders in Quantity and Save:

  • 6-Shooter: Add a 6 Speedloaders to you cart and save 15%.
  • Full Clip: Add 12 Speedloaders to your cart and save another 15% (27.75% off total)

Made from Some Next-Level Stuff

  • Medical-Grade Polypropylene
  • BPA Free, Lead Free, Latex Free
  • California Prop 65 Compliant
  • No Allergens as defined by the FDA
  • No Animal Derived Components per ASTM F963
  • Food Grade (FDA Compliant)
  • Air and Moisture Resistant
  • Recyclable #5
  • Water-resistant label
  • Proudly Made in USA

1.5" x 3.5"


3 oz


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