BODYHACKER Challenge Bracelet


Start a movement

by taking on a challenge. These revolutionary silicone bracelets allow you to track your chain of influence after you complete a challenge and hand it to a challenge-worthy friend.

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Bulk discounts: 25% off 5, 35% off 10, 50% off 25

How It Works

Each challenge bracelet has a QR Code with a unique challenge key built into its link.

  1. Use a QR code reader on your smartphone or tablet to scan the bracelet. (Get a FREE QR Code Reader)
  2. Register on using Facebook and we will mark where you accepted the challenge.
  3. Complete, no DESTROY, the challenge!
  4. Pass the bracelet off to another worthy challenger.

Come back to and watch your challenge bracelets travel around the world.
You’ll receive an email notification each time a new challenger accepts one of your bracelets.

Get a Bundle

Your account can track multiple challenge bracelets.  Mix and match to make your ideal challenge bundle.  Hand each challenge to a different friend and watch your chain of influence travel around the world in different directions.  We offer bundle discounts:
5 @ 25% OFF
10 @ 35% OFF
25 @ 50% OFF

(Discounts are reflected in the cart at checkout)

Need a QR Code Scanner?

WearsItAt has some suggested QR Code scanners for iOS, Android and Windows.


300 BURPEES, 25 MILES, 10 MILES, 25,000 STEPS


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