Affiliate Bulk Pre-workout Booster by the Case (12 bottles)


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Affiliate Bulk Order Discounts:
1 case @ 30% off retail ($419.92/case; $34.99/bottle = $179.96 profit)
3 case @ 35% off retail ($389.92/case; $32.49/bottle = $209.96 profit per case)
10 cases @ 40% off retail ($359.93/case; $29.99/bottle = $239.96 profit per case)
20 cases @ 45% off retail ($329.94/case; $27.49/bottle = $269.95 profit per case)

This product provides affiliate discount rates on bulk item pricing for cases (12 bottles) of BODYHACKER Pre-workout Booster.  These prices are adjusted for the bulk discount and include an additional discount only available to affiliates.  If you want to keep stock on hand or purchase here and resell in bulk, we provide you, as an affiliate, with generous margins at low quantities.

Discounts are reflected in the cart, based on the quantity in the cart.  Shipping for this product is a flat-rate $25, regardless of quantity.

NOTE: The lowest allowed ADVERTISED price for this product is $37.50.  If you are found advertising this product on line, in print or in your store for less, your affiliate account will be suspended.  You can sell person to person for less that $44.99, but advertising it for less is strictly prohibited.

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Bulk discounts for quantities of 12 or more.

To start, BODYHACKER’s Pre-workout Booster unlocks your physical potential by enhancing three main systems:

  • Respiratory
  • Cardiovascular
  • Skeletal Muscular

Then increases your endurance by:

  • Increasing fat and protein metabolism.
  • Pre-loading your body with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.
  • Providing a balanced and natural energy boost.

Use BODYHACKER Pre-Workout Booster before your training or competition and unlock your potential.


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